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Water Restoration

Leaking faucets to burst pipes and flooding, water damage is one of the most common and potentially destructive problems you can face. Act fast, excess water in your home cam promote electrical hazards, extensive damage to structure and furnishing and can even lead to growth of hazardous mold.

With so many factors to consider in a crisis such as water and flood damage, ServiceMaster Restore is here for you every step of the way. We have over 30 years of experience in helping our communities in Wichita Falls and surrounding areas with flood restoration, and we are the number one choice for all major insurance providers. We’ve established a solid industry reputation by maintaining a high standard of integrity, service and education. Our mission is to restore your home or business in a consistent, effective and timely manner, and bring back your peace of mind.

ServiceMaster Restore will provide you with the following Water & Flood Restoration services:

What is Water Mitigation?

Causes of water damage:

Water damage can spread to other areas of your home in MINUTES.

Pressed wood swells and disintegrates and bacterial odor can spread throughout your home in HOURS.

Water can cause severe complications and secondary damages resulting in disruptive and costly repairs in DAYS.

Odor damage caused by water and mold:

Odor removal techniques:

What to do if you’re in the middle of a loss:

What NOT to do if you’re in the middle of a loss:

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